Establishment of a company


assistance with the establishment of a company - registering of business licenses, concessionaire licenses, securing officially legalized documents, submission of proposals for registering a company into the commercial registry,

securing of an address for the main office of a company (office housing)

registration of the company in the relevant tax office, Social Insurance office and health insurer

establishing of company accounts in a selected bank

design and placement of web sites on the internet

registering of domain names


Company activities


acceptance of the mandate for the management and representation of a company

preparation of invitations to general meetings of companies and the provision of organization during the course of general meetings

management of correspondence, notification of written acceptances, sending of mail, utilization of telephone and fax numbers and mailboxes

securing of translations and interpretering

complete administrative services

securing of archive and filing system management

provision of: tax and accounting consultation
- representation during tax-related activities
- accounting management
- wage agenda administration
- audits according to company requirements

managing of collection and payment operations

consultation and assistance in relations with financial institutions

scouting for investment opportunities

preparation of marketing activities


Real Estate


consulting on the purchase, reconstruction, rental and management of real estate properties

assisting with the evaluation of investments

securing the realization of construction, redevelopment and the subsequent management of real estate properties

market surveys

real estate management


Securing of legal consultation through partner legal offices


during the transfer of business shares

during the sale or purchase of businesses or their parts

during the merging or takeover of companies

during the split-up of a company

during the preparation of reports for decision-making bodies of a company

during the realization of contractual relations

in questions related to labour law

in the area of regularly informing about changes of legal provisions related to activities of a company